How are kits distributed?

EveryMom Chicago partners with local nonprofits and hospitals to distribute kits to families that need extra support preparing for the arrival of their baby. Visit Our Partners page to learn more.


What is a "new baby kit"?

A new-baby kit combines material supplies with information about community resources for new mothers who might not otherwise have access to them. These kits are guided by expert insights and aim to promote medical health, emotional and psychological development, and maternal and child health.

EveryMom produces three types of kits: NewbornPostpartum, and Nursing.

Newborn kits include a selection of seasonally appropriate baby clothes (size NB-6 months), a sleep sack, burp cloths, baby toiletries, thermometer, board book, infant tub and towel, and more.

Postpartum kits include supplies to help moms following birth: Thick maxi pads, perineal cold packs, disposable underwear, and toiletries.

Nursing kits contain supplies to help on this journey, including nursing pads, breast milk storage bags, lanolin, and hydrogel cooling pads. EveryMom is committed to giving every mother the best chance possible to connect with her baby through breastfeeding. Special thanks to Medela for helping make this possible.


Do you accept donations?

YES! We rely 100% on donations from people like you! EveryMom Chicago was started entirely on material donations from Chicago-area parents, with a particular focus on the South Side. Many of the donations come from families who end up with baby supplies they don't end up using (e.g. outfits sized for the wrong season, extra copies of Goodnight Moon, a brand of sleep sack they don't end up using, etc).

The work and community impact of EveryMom is only possible through donor support. Please consider a material or financial donation to continue the work!


Do you provide other baby supplies?

Occasionally EveryMom is able to support requests for additional supplies depending on donation inventory. Examples include breast pumps, carseats, changing pads, nursing pillows, and more. Please reach out to [email protected] for additional information.


How can I get involved?

There are so many ways to help out!

  • Come volunteer at our space in Hyde Park unpacking supplies, assembling kits, folding baby clothes, etc. We're located at 5480 S Kenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60615 and can use volunteer help most weekdays from 9:30am-3pm
  • Volunteer to deliver kits to our partner hospitals and nonprofits! Pick up kits from our office in Hyde Park and deliver to one of our partners on a day/time that's convenient for you
  • Host a donation drive in your local community!
  • Research free resources for our resource guide (easy to do from the comfort of your living room!)
  • Have a special skill set you'd like to donate? Web design, social media, organizational, etc? Let us know!